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From Hofborg

This application process applies to the town of Hofborg, the Saebjorn Crew, and the Motherhouse: all of which are moderated through the Hofborg Roleplay guild in game and on the discord server.

Update 2/1/23
Hofborg is not accepting non-nord magic users for the foreseeable future. Please apply with an alternate character idea.

Role-Play Hooks

As Hofborg is an entire town there are a lot of ways in which your character can become a member of the town. How they join is personal preference and has no limitations. Prospective members are welcome to participate in all town events and story arcs. It's important to recognize that each applicant has their own expectations of what the recruitment process looks like. Some players want to get joined right away, some want to wait for the right introduction, some are not sure they want to actually become a member. Letting us know how you envision the process going will help us support you. We do strongly encourage you to come and role-play with us as a visitor at least a few times before starting the process.

How to Apply

Who can apply

  • Anyone who wants to be an OOC friend of the server and hang with us.
  • Anyone who wants the Ally tag (for those who want regular access to RPs without joining the crew/town).
  • Anyone who wants to join the Saebjorn Crew, the Motherhouse, or apply to live in the town.

Please Read

The Process

We share the responsibility to make sure these things get done, and will work with you along the way to ensure a smooth entry into the guild. The basic process is simple, post bio, have some RP, get approved. This process can take a week or two depending on your availability to attend events. But there are some things we need to make sure you've read and some clerical steps to complete.

Get Started
  1. Join Discord: Join the Hofborg discord server.
  2. Click on Applicant: Navigate to the #start-here channel and click on the "Applicant" reaction. This will mark you as an applicant in the server and let you view more channels.
  3. Start Ticket: Continue further down the #start-here channel to start a ticket. This will open a Discord channel with you and the moderator/application team. From this channel we will begin the process, as it gives you direct access to the team whose job it is to get you involved.
    1. If you are coming in as an applicant, just let us know and we will give you the "all access" role so you can hang with us as long as you like.
    2. If you only want to be added as a friend or ally, then we will remove your "Applicant" role, and give you the "All Access" role and either "OOC Friend" or "RP Ally"
  4. Post Bio: Post your bio (form below) into the ticket channel so we can make sure the right people are available to speak to you.
  5. Go to some events: We want to get to know your character, and would like to see you at some events before we complete your recruitment. We host a number of open events which you can go to. Based on your bio we will make recommendations as to who to seek out.
IC Interactions
It's important to us that you get dedicated IC recruitment. This will mean time with The Captain or First mate, as well as with either the Quartermaster or Borgmester. If you want to do something special then just ask and we'll do our best to accommodate you!

Final Steps

  1. OOC Limits and then post your limits in the #ooc-limits channel in discord.
  2. Download the Role-Play Town Portal add-on.
  3. Change Nickname: Add your ESO @ name to your Discord nickname.
  4. Guild Invite: We will invite you to the in game guild. You are encouraged to update your guild note with a brief few details about your character & your roleplay preferences (such as time zone and preferred types of roleplay).
  5. Repost Bio: Last step - Repost your bio in the correct channel, for most people this the #crew-bio under Saebjorn.

Character Bio Form

ESO @ Name:
Primary/Secondary Job: (These will come about as part of RP, and each person will be recognized for such.)
RP Hours: (What is your time zone? When you normally rp?)
RP Hooks: (How can others get your character interested in role-play scenes or story arcs.)
RP Experience: Overall and in ESO (Because we welcome new RPers. It's good to know who may or may not need additional support.)

Also feel free to add a new thread under your character post so that people can ask questions or leave any feedback or ideas.


Unless for some awful reason that you are banned, we will allow inactive members to stay in the community as an OOC friend. However, for obvious reasons, any extended inactivity from roleplay will have your crew bio and home portal removed from the Hofborg/Saebjorn roleplay setting. If ever you do depart, we hope you will return when you can and will be happy to re-instate you!

Player Races

This community was created and is maintain for those role-players who are part of the Nord Community. We do allow other races, but we will actively maintain the Nord cultural feel if we must. So while you are welcome to bring your non-Nord here to join, we expect them to adopt our culture and traditions. We reserve the right to restrict how many non-Nords are in our community.

  • We prefer Nord characters. However, at this time we are accepting player races and lore acceptable half breed player races, but only player races. (i.e. no half breed beast races)
  • Hofborg is not accepting non-nord magic users for the foreseeable future. Please apply with an alternate character idea.
No Vamps, No Weres;
We have a strict no known werewolf or vampire policy. This means that if your character is showing obvious signs of affliction, you can expect big trouble. The mindset of the average Nord, including the Saebjorn's Captain Baene, cannot justify allowing known afflicted into the fold. If you are an afflicted character, you must endeavor to keep it secret or there will be IC consequences that may include death or exile. Please also note that we will firmly police any meta-gaming that unjustly "outs" a secretly afflicted member.
Disclaimer and Copyright
This page may contain a mix of ESO canon and Hofborg fanon. This guild project, including the player homes, the story arcs, the add-on and the wiki, is the combined effort of an entire team of incredibly talented writers, builders and programmers. ESO canon has been credited to its source site and Fanon contributors are on the Copyright page.