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From Hofborg

For December 2022 we will be switching to one shared story arc for the entire town, including the town, the Temple and the Saebjorn. The story arc will have more lead up, so pay attention at social gatherings when our in character leadership mentions local issues. Each story arc will have a page listed below by the current ESO year, and the numerical month so they appear chronologically.

What you need to know

Every guild does things differently. We make an effort to provide you with the OOC information you need to know before joining a story arc. So please, take a moment to familiarize yourself with the following links.

  • Quest Event Etiquette (Guide) - How to integrate yourself and your character into a Hofborg DM ran event.
  • Local Lore - It's been at least two years since the DLC events of Western Skyrim happened. Take a look to learn more about what's been going on since then, as well as read more about the local Fanon that has been created.
  • Quest Event Etiquette How to integrate yourself and your character into a Hofborg DM ran event.
  • Timey Wimey - Read here to understand how we feel about travel time, wayshrines, the current in game year, and other aspects of time progression in Hofborg. This is especially necessary for any "out of hold trips" you join.
  • Combat - We have a variety of ways in which we handle player to player combat as well as combat in events ran by a dungeon master.
  • Magic - We prefer to be a low fantasy community, and while we do have a number of magic enabled characters, we prefer non-magical solutions when ever possible.
  • Healing and Wound Guide - A guide for how we determine what wounds can healed and with what level of skill.


There will be one wiki page for each story arc, named Chapter 01, Chapter 02 and so on, so they sort chronologically. Each page will have the same core elements to each page. It is our hope that these pages will help players not only more easily join the plots, but also to help move plot lines forward.

A menu that provides guides to new players such as the magic guide, the conflict guide, the time guide, etc.
OOC Plot Line
The OOC plot line is provided to players so that they have a general overview of what the plot line involves and what likely solutions are available. We provide this because the in character rumors are not always clear enough to fill in the 'what the heck is going on' challenges. We will try to avoid spoilers in this section, but it is better that everyone is on page so the role-play moves along.
These are the rumors culled from the #rumor-mill channel in discord, along with any additional suggestions the DMs or staff want to share.
Next Steps
This section will provide a general outline of the DM events planned for the story arc, as well as what players can do on their own without DM support, as well as with DM support.
Wrap Up
Summary of the story arc when it wraps up and what issues are currently unresolved. Some of these issues will be plot bunnies for future story arcs.

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