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Challenges (Lore)

From Hofborg

The traditions of Hofborg allow for the right of challenge to be given to another who holds a rank or position. A challenge of rank is a basic challenge that says "I want your job", while a challenge for cause says, "You are not doing your job and I am willing to replace you and do it myself". There are expected forms for challenges so please check the details.

  1. All intended challengers MUST get the player councils OOC approval that they have the required time/time zone, social skills, and seniority to handle the OOC expectations of the IC position. Do this by opening a ticket in discord and stating your intent to challenge.
  2. All challenges must be made during a moot, even if the fight is scheduled later. A DM/Admin is required to moderate the fight.
  3. The challenge must be answered before the next moot or the fight is forfeit.

There are two types of challenges:

Challenge for Rank.
A straightforward challenge for rank which can be denied by the moot for cause. This means if the moot feels your character would be detrimental to the community in the position the challenge can be refused. The person must be of a reasonable equivalent rank or seniority to challenge. This is a very subjective decision and in the case of disagreement, the law speaker will rule. This is generally agreed to keep "new or unknown people with superior combat skills to come in and take over as leaders". Answers like "you have not been here long enough to challenge Person X", or "You've not earned the right to challenge Person X" are normal answers to deny a challenge.
Challenge for Cause.
If the challenger has valid cause to challenge for the position and the moot agrees the cause is valid, the duel is allowed. This is different than a challenge for rank, because the moot may agree that an unproven but willing citizen should be allowed a chance to challenge if the rank holder is not doing the job.
The position of Thane and Saebjorn Captain can only be challenged for cause.
Failure to Effectively Replace
If the challenger wins yet fails to do the job effectively, they can be removed from the position and not be allowed to challenge until the moot feels they have re-earned the right.


  • Challenges do not currently apply to the Temple.
  • Challenges do not include the transfer of property.
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