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Healing and Wound (Guide)

From Hofborg

A general guideline as to how the guild feels about the effectiveness of medical and magical healing of wounds. This guide is not intended to control how individual players role-play. It is instead a framework for our dungeon masters and our OOC Limits so that no player is given a wound that is likely to result in death or unpalatable recovery time. When crafting this guide we took a middle ground, and note that some players will feel this is too restrictive and others too liberal. As always negotiation is necessary.

The Temple

The Motherhouse's healing facility is intended to be a fictional location that speeds the healing recovery.

It is considered "too much" in role-play to expect players to keep their character out of commission for many many weeks simply to meet the impact of real world realism. We do not care if you believe there are locations that speed healing or not -- but we do not expect players to take six weeks to heal a normal break. It's fine to move the healing phase up until its about 1/3 of the real world average.


  • It is generally assumed that the practice of healing in Tamriel has been a combination of mundane medical skills and magical practices for a very long time. These magical practices often include alchemy, herbalism and restoration magic.
  • For the purposes of our role-play, which includes a lot of Hedge-Magic (Lore), restoration magic can be both formal training as well as shamanic healing and clever magic healing spells. Restoration magic is any magic that heals the body, mind or spirit, as well as the removing of curses which harm the body, mind or spirit.
  • Alchemy is magically effective enough that it can function as modern reliable pharmacopoeia including Antibiotics, Anesthesia, Stimulants, Pain management and the treatment of medical conditions such as high blood pressure and hypothyroidism.
  • Herbalism (provisioning) is magically effective enough that it can function as modern reliable over the counter treatments.
  • Existing medical supplies include functional but unreliable solutions for artificial skin grafts, blood transfusions and even a heart machine.
  • Medical knowledge in Tamriel has not experienced a completely false understandings of the human body in the way earth medicine has, and thus medical knowledge (excluding magical solutions) has reached a level of understanding equivalent to earth at the end of the 1800s excluding solutions requiring electricty; radio, radiation, x-rays, etc.
  • Many of the wounds listed below must be first stabilized in the field and then truly treated at the Motherhouse or other medical facility.

Types of Wounds

Death (Heart Stopped likely due to blood loss)
Unless the cause of death due to blood loss and heart stopping happens in a medical location with immediate access to blood on hand and transfusion tools, there is no way to stop this short of "quest level" solutions. While it's reasonable that the heart can be kept going without blood loss by chest compressions (magical or medical) the combination will result in death in the field. Once you bleed out, game over, you are looking for a resurrection (quest) level solution.
Death (Head Removed)
This is generally believed to be a death level event. We will not discount the possibility of "quest level" solutions, but we may have a hard time accepting them
Limb cut off
If you loose a limb with the rare exception of the limb being both stabilized and preserved at the site of the incident and immediate access to a Chirurgeon level healer with necromantic training the loss of a limb is permanent.
Arrow Puncture that would require "surgery"
This requires immediate medic level stabilization and access to a Chirurgeon level healer within less then two hours. Further it assumes no damage to major organs or arteries.
Arrow Puncture of the "push it thru variety"
Requires immediate medic stabalization, including antibiotics, and healing care within 12 hours at a medical facility. Healer level trained.
Bone Break Severe (crushed our broken skin)
With the understanding that shock treatment, pain medication and antibiotics are immediately available, a skilled Chirurgeon can realign the bone manually and apply progressive magical healing.
Bone Break normal (something that can be straightened with hands)
Requires onsite medic stabilization and treatment by a healer.
Deep Cut (to the bone)
Requires onsite medic stabilization and a healer who is able to perform internal stitches and external magical wound closure.
Simple Cut
A wound that doesn't need internal stitches can be healed by a healer, and in some cases a medic with competent restoration magic.
Abdominal cut (spill guts)
Once a person's guts have spilled outside other body, beyond a simple bulge, there is very little that can be done, and death is imminent. Quest level solution requried.

Everything Else

  • We generally assume that other kinds of conditions that need treatment such as small cuts, burns, colds, sore muscles and other random aches and pains are likely to be created by the player for the character with the hopes of healer roleplay and doesn't require any guidelines beyond ... negotiate.
  • At the other end, situations like unknown diseases and rare magical conditions are likely to be a DM driven quest already and thus also not require further guidelines beyond our normal guidelines for plausible DM driven stories.
  • And I suppose if someone is interested in playing out a long term medical, magical, spiritual or emotional condition we do not anticipate them showing up at the "local healer's establishment" for a quick solution as it's part of the character's roleplay.


A medic has the ability to stabilize wounds in the field using medical tools, alchemical potions and limited restoration magic.
A healer is someone who has more skill then a medic and at least one speciality in medicine, alchemy, herbalism or restoration magic who can act as a medic in the field as well as an "emergency medical hologram" at a facility with the proper tools and supplies.
A Chirurgeon is someone with advanced knowledge in (a combination of) medicine, alchemy, herbalism, and restoration magic and can perform surgery in all but the "quest level" wounds listed above. This rank generally applies to those characters who have this as a dedicated profession with a decade or more each of eduction and experience.
Quest Level
A "quest level" wound is outside of the skill set available in Hofborg and may even be outside of plausible ESO lore. While we discourage quest level wounds, we recognize that sometimes they happen and the player wants to make "an event out of it". In this cause it should be a multi-week long process that includes finding the very best practitioners and/or the very best healing locations, and may require solutions involving necromancy. DM's should never give a Quest Level wound without clearing it with the player ahead of time as it may result in death if the quest fails. This type of wound can not be hand waved.
Disclaimer and Copyright
This page may contain a mix of ESO canon and Hofborg fanon. This guild project, including the player homes, the story arcs, the add-on and the wiki, is the combined effort of an entire team of incredibly talented writers, builders and programmers. ESO canon has been credited to its source site and Fanon contributors are on the Copyright page.