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Hofborg, Overview (Lore)

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Nestled high above a thriving little sea port lies the Nord temple known as the Motherhouse. A regal structure dedicated to both the mainland Nord and Skaal pantheon, medicinal arts and hedge magic -- the Motherhouse is a point of attraction for clergy, holy warriors, and healers.

The outpost known simply as Hofborg, which lies on the coast north west of Solitude, is currently under the shared guardianship of a sea-faring crew known as The Saebjorn, the Thane of Hofborg and the High Priest/ess of the Motherhouse. The Saebjorn crew has recently been given the responsibility of running the town on behalf of the temple while the town's new Thane is the voice of the community at court. Rumors have it that the Saebjorn crew is not as above board as the local officials would like, but so far they have garnered no charges of piracy, smuggling or kidnapping.

The three branches of the town, the Motherhouse, the the Seabjorn Crew, and the town of Hofborg are ran by their individual in-character leadership under the OOC management of the Hofborg Roleplay Guild.

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