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Hofborg, the Town (Lore)

From Hofborg

The town of Hofborg, excluding the religious arm of the Temple and The Saebjorn mercenary group, is lead by the Hofborg Thane in conjunction with the Borgmester, the captain of the guard, the Master Craftsman, and the Thane's Huskarl. The town of Hofborg includes the borg, the village, Kyne's Keg, the Guard House, and the Great Hall.



The Martial arm of Hofborg consists of town guards, a captain of the guard, sword-thanes, and shield-thanes who ultimately report to the Thane and their Huskarl. Hofborg has no standing army and these men and women are supported by the crew of the Saebjorn, some of whom take guard shifts when there is no work for the crew. The town guard favors the colors beige and dark green with chests trimmed with fur. (Ebonsteal, Moongrave, Swordthane, Nord Carved, and Silver Dawn.)

Craftsmen and Merchants

Hofborg has a selection of public shops which new arrivals may find employment at. For those who are of a more entrepreneurial bent, private shops with individual owner-operators can be accommodated. Speak with the Borgmester (Mayor), town Thane or even Branwyn Thorrstad who manages the merchant arm working with the town. Visiting merchants are welcome to display their wares at one of the temporary booths during the town's monthly market faire hosted in The Borg.

Various Ranks within Hofborg: Current Player Leadership

Rank! Title Area of Coverage
First Thane
aka Chieftain
Leads the town and is the town's voice in Court
Second Borgmester
Borgmester is the Mayor, while the Huskarl is the Thane's right hand man.
Third Master Crafter
Captain of the Guard
Master Crafter works with the other craftsman and reports to the Borgmester while the Captain of the Guard leads the Town Guards and reports to the Huskarl. The Steward reports to the Borgmester or the Huskarl depending upon availability.
Fourth Sword-Thane/Shield-Thane
Hall Mistress
Sword-Thanes work both in the town as defense but also as the Thane's personal guards and warriors, where as the Shield-Thanes exclusively defend the town and its leaders.
The Hall Mistress acts as a chatelain for the hall. They are responsible for feeding the hall, offering basic medical care and a shoulder to lean on when needed.
Fifth Crafters
Karl (Property Owner)
Town Guards
This rank includes all free people who own property or do a trained task.
Sixth Bondsmen Mostly NPCs, but some player servants and untrained workers.

Shops and Jobs

When The Saebjorn Crew arrived, the town of Hofborg was in dire financial straights. Money was absolutely crucial to the town's survival, and the Captain of The Saebjorn invested money not just into repairs but into hiring townsfolk and craftsmen. At this time, most of the town folk either run their own private shops or work for the mercantile arm of The Saebjorn known as the Company.

Jobs in Town
There are many available jobs to be had in Hofborg. Characters may speak with either the Saebjorn Captain/Mates or the Borgmester to see if the job they have in mind is needed. The basic job working for the town includes 2 meals in the long hall, room in the bunk house (or other group sleeping accommodation) and 200 gold a week for about 20 hours of work a week. Random ideas for jobs can be found on this medieval occupation and career list.
Hofborg offers two different shop opportunities for characters.
Private Shop - Private shops can be attached to the town of Hofborg via portals to your player home. Taxes on such properties are 100 gold a month.
Public Shop - Employment in one of the public town shops is available for 40 hours of work. The payment is 300 gold a week, 2 meals in the long hall, and semi-private sleeping accommodations. Speak with the Saebjorn Captain/Mates or the Borgmester for available opportunities.
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