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Quest Event Etiquette (Guide)

From Hofborg

How to integrate yourself and your character into a Hofborg DM ran event.

Stay Together

In any event ran by one of our DM's (Dungeon Master's) the entire group must stay together. It is much harder for the DM to run an event broken up over two groups, much less more than two. Consequently, any IC suggestions to divide or separate the group or perform solo missions, not matter how reasonable ICly, can not be accommodated. It is a group activity for everyone to enjoy.

So while you are welcome to play your character as you wish, recognize that having your suggestion followed during a DM event isn't going to happen. We will, as DM's and other IC leaders, do our best to give you an IC reason why your idea won't work, but continuing to push the idea or even getting upset/snarky/snide ICly about the reasoning may result in the necessity of ignoring your character.

Get Along to Go Along

Most DM events are 2 hours, stay on page and move the story along. DM events are group activities for the entire guild and thus certain behaviors are just not appropriate for these events.

OOC Perspective
Starting drama, going off on OOC tangents, or not being prepared for the event delays the time line. No one wants to get ready for a 2 hour event and still be standing in town 30, 60 or even 90 mins later.
IC Perspective
While we want everyone to participate it's simply not possible to bring new joins up to speed on the story line. If you do not know what is going on, then you will either need to learn about it before the event begins or play confused - the event can't be delayed to address "what's going on" questions.
As part of the above consideration about separating the group, the DM event is not the time for progressing personal plot lines that require the shift of the focus to your character and away from the plot line.

Turn Based Posting

Every DM runs their events a little differently. At the moment most of DM's run based on free-form attack and response. However, most DM's generally agree that it is best that everyone gives ONE post of combat and then waits until everyone else has given their combat post. This is known as turn based posting.

Disclaimer and Copyright
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