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Timey Wimey (Guide)

From Hofborg

Handling time in ESO can be a little confusing for new players, especially when each new guild does it differently and there isn't a standard we can direct you to. This page will cover the general and the specifics of how we handle time in Hofborg.

What Year is it? (Guide)
Elder Scrolls Online came out in the year 2014 which was set in the lore year of 2E 582. That year has not changed since the game was released. This, obviously, makes no sense and particularly bugs role-players, so they have opted for this solution: Add to the lore year of 582 the number of years since the release each DLC was. This means 2023 will be year 591. And that the Deadlands DLC which was released in 2021 was lore year 589.
Travel Time
As a general rule it is strongly encouraged that you be vague about the passage of time as it relates to travel time. If for example you were in Evermore on a Thursday and in Hofborg on a Friday its best to either not mention that you were in Evermore the night before at all, or say something like "a while ago".
Tamriel, the Elder Scrolls world, is significantly larger than is represented in the game. This image will allow you to get an idea of just how far the travel times are. When the guild leaves Hofborg and travels outside of Western Skyrim it is assumed that travel time has occurred. In some cases we may do a pre or post travel event or simply post details to the rumors channel or the Saebjorn captain's log.
Local Travel
Local travel is defined as the hold of Haafinger, where most points of interest can be reached in a few hours. It is best to pack for the trip and the weather. The trip from Hofborg to Solitude, either via long ship or well maintained roads requires an overnight stay. Anywhere to the rest of Western Skyrim is within a few days, everything else is managed above and requires a time slip.
In general, Hofborg does not use wayshrines as a fictional method of travel.
Portals (Such as from a Mage's Guild)
Hofborg does not use portals casually as the role-play community generally agrees that portals are neither cheap enough, easy enough, nor accessible enough to be counted as a casual means of travel. However, we do not require individuals to abide by this and they can claim to travel via portal, but you should expect some soft pushback regarding the use of so much magic and/or the waste of so much gold.
However, portals may never be used to solve story-arcs in whole or part unless its introduced by the DM. That means you can not "solve our food problem" by hopping thru a portal and bringing back a cart load of supplies. In general, assume that portals can not transport cargo.
Time Slip
Time slip is a term that you will hear that indicates an event, or series of events, are happening outside of the main Hofborg passage of time. Time in Hofborg passes at a rate of one in world day for one real life day. But because of the fictional travel times we need an agreed upon work around to traveling outside of Western Skyrim without ruining the townsfolk's own immersion.
First, as per the advice under Travel Time above, it is a good idea to be vague about this. For example: Do not say you are going to Evermore tomorrow, and then show up the day after saying you got back. This is immersion breaking, as the trip from Solitude to Evermore is many many days long.
Second, any guild event that happens outside of Western Skyrim will have a Time Slip warning on the event. This warning is your indication that the event will happen outside of the normal time progression because we will be fictionally hand waving the passage of great distances for an event that is only on one day, or even on one day a week over the course of a few weeks. And we all agree that the trip happened some time in the recent past and the town's folk agree to accept such vague answers.
Disclaimer and Copyright
This page may contain a mix of ESO canon and Hofborg fanon. This guild project, including the player homes, the story arcs, the add-on and the wiki, is the combined effort of an entire team of incredibly talented writers, builders and programmers. ESO canon has been credited to its source site and Fanon contributors are on the Copyright page.