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From Hofborg

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.. The player handbook section is a catch all for the various terms, traditions, rituals and practices in use by the entire community of Hofborg's guilds and clans. As time progresses and we craft or absorb other Fanon practices this page will expand into additional pages.

Hofborg, Overview


Nestled high above a thriving little sea port lies the Nord temple known as the Motherhouse. A regal structure dedicated to both the mainland Nord and Skaal pantheon, medicinal arts and hedge magic -- the Motherhouse is a point of attraction for clergy, holy warriors, and healers.

The outpost known simply as Hofborg, which lies on the coast north west of Solitude, is currently under the shared guardianship of a sea-faring crew known as The Saebjorn, the Thane of Hofborg and the High Priest/ess of the Motherhouse. The Saebjorn crew has recently been given the responsibility of running the town on behalf of the temple while the town's new Thane is the voice of the community at court. Rumors have it that the Saebjorn crew is not as above board as the local officials would like, but so far they have garnered no charges of piracy, smuggling or kidnapping.

The three branches of the town, the Motherhouse, the the Seabjorn Crew, and the town of Hofborg are ran by their individual in-character leadership under the OOC management of the Hofborg Roleplay Guild.

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Haafingar, Overview

Haafingar lies along the north western coast of Western Skyrim and includes the city of Solitude. The most recent ESO plotline came two years ago from the Grey Host who began an attack on the country with Harrowstorms. The Harrowstorm threat was diminished by the Vestiage and their compatriots, King Svargrim dies, and his daughter Svana recognized King Jorunn and was herself made Jarl of Haafinger. Read More ..


A person who works as a servant, may have originally referred to someone who was working off a debt or bond. Bondsmen are not master crafters, nor warriors, nor land holders. They are the "minimum wage" of the community.
The Mayor or other official of a town, in this case the "Quartermaster" of Hofborg who also functions as Mayor.
Bratta (v) means to to swear, to promise. Brattung is a promise, oath, contract. And Brattaful is the cup or horn; traditionally the Chieftain's cup which is used to make oaths. While individual oaths can be made with or without the cup or even over a forge, when there is a lot of oath's taken and given the event is known as a Symbel which has many forms and variations.
Brygg-Bottom (Lore)
Brygg-Bottom is the name for the area of town that currently incorporates The Docks, the Wharf Rat, and Odd's End. This area of town is ran by The Saebjorn Crew. The back alley near Kyne's Keg leads to the Wharf Rat by way of alleyway passages through the back side of Owl Square, and is loosely considered to be part of Brygg-Bottom. Brygg-Bottom operates on an expanded ruleset, please read.
Challenges (Lore)
The traditions of Hofborg allow for the right of challenge to be given to another who holds a rank or position. A challenge of rank is a basic challenge that says "I want your job", while a challenge for cause says, "You are not doing your job and I am willing to replace you and do it myself". There are expected forms for challenges so please check the details. Read More ..
Hall Mistress
The person who runs a long hall either independently or in conjunction with the Jarl/Thane/Chieftain/Captain's Wife
"Those seeking Arcane knowledge will often receive formal study and training at a school for Magic, or from someone who has received formal training. Hedge Mages, however, discover their Magical abilities on their own. Reading Tomes they can find or discovering formulas and recipes through experimentation. But why don't these Mages just find a mentor, or attend a school of Magic? Well the answer to that question is different for everyone. Some may have attempted to join Magical Schools, but were denied due to lack of skill. Or perhaps they wish to remain independent and learn on their own..." (From Read More ..
Hedge magic in Hofborg refers to the clever craft, magical herbalism, enchanters, and shamans, as well as druidry and some Reach magic. The Motherhouse functions as a place of study and collaboration for hedge mages, as well clergy, shamans, and healers.
Honor Duel
Honor Duels are allowed for the purposes of gaining satisfaction when a crime is done against a member of the town. Read More ..
Housecarl (or Huskarl) is a title bestowed upon the bodyguard of an important person in Skyrim. Generally excelling at physical combat, whether in ranged or melee weapons, the housecarl dedicates their entire life to protect their liege, their home, their family, and their assets.
A moot is the primary governing method in Hofborg. In a moot, all full members have a voice and decisions are made by majority. (This is also an authentic method of governance for the Nords and Germanic tribes on Earth.)
  • A moot can be called by anyone, but are traditionally held on the first Sundas of each month in Hofborg.
  • At least one officer must be present for it to be a moot.
  • Leadership, policy and law are all determined collectively by the moot.
  • The moot handles all legal issues or grievances which can not be settled by individuals. Read More ..
Nørring (nørringar)
This is a term used in Hofborg to refer to people who are not Nords but live in Skyrim and have adopted the culture of the Nord to a large part.
Outlander (út-lendr)
An outlander, often spelled Utlander, is someone who is not a member of Hofborg or a member of any Nord holding. It is not a derogatory term but it is a clear distinction saying 'you are not one of us'.
A military officer responsible for providing quarters, rations, clothing, and other supplies, in this case for the Saebjorn.
While most of the Saebjorn crew call themselves "crew" the more accurate term is Reaver, which is used like one might use the term "Viking" to refer to the earth base profession of Norse warriors who take to the sea and engage in a wide range of activities from raiding, to mercenary to mercantile.
A group of religious warriors, like D&D Paladins, who are a mounted warrior-guard in service to the priest and priestess of the Temple. Often one priest and one riddari are paired for years.
“In the snowy lands of Skyrim there’s a band of warrior women known as Mara’s Shield-Maidens. They vow to take no lovers but Shor himself, for Mara is said to be his concubine and no one would dare to usurp Kyne’s place as his rightful wife. Clad in wolf pelts, they go to battle with reckless passion, determined to earn their place in Sovngarde by deeds of valor.” In Hofborg, the Shield-Maidens are a female only group dedicated to Mara and Shor exclusively.
The term used for the grove guardian who is tasked with the protection of the Spirit Woods and acts as a shaman, clever-man or law speaker when needed. This position is more commonly referred to as 'Grove Father' or simple 'Fadir'.
The group of warriors and body guards who are in service to the Thane or Chieftain of Hofborg.
Highest political rank in Hofborg. There is no Jarl that covers Hofborg, so the Thane reports directly to the king. When the kind does not ratify the position of Thane, the rank given to the highest political rank in Hofborg is Chieftain. If Hofborg has more then one clan, then the rank may be indicated as High Chieftain.
Wergeld is allowed for the purposes of gaining recompense when a crime is done against a member of the town. Read More ..
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