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From Hofborg

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.. It is our hope to be excellent to new players regardless if they are new to ESO, new to Nord Lore or new to role-playing in general. To that end we have posted some guides that we feel would be most useful. The links at the top of the page are organized by related pages while those at the bottom are in alphabetical order. If you would like to add a guide here please contact Lara#9755 on Discord.

Role-Play Setting Guides

In reference to our Role-Play Setting on the rules page.

New Role-Player Guides

Nord Lore

There is a lot of Nord Lore for Elder Scrolls Online all over the internet. One point to note is that ESO is set in the 2nd Era, and a lot of the lore found online spans from the first era to the 4th, so check that, and if you are curious if it applies, come in to Discord and ask our lore experts.

Nord Culture
Ysgramor, Gods and Afterlife
Femininity in Tamrielic Faith
Video Classes

Game Guides

Disclaimer and Copyright
This page may contain a mix of ESO canon and Hofborg fanon. This guild project, including the player homes, the story arcs, the add-on and the wiki, is the combined effort of an entire team of incredibly talented writers, builders and programmers. ESO canon has been credited to its source site and Fanon contributors are on the Copyright page.