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Our town uses a Custom Portal Add-on which offers seamless portals between zones. Download for best access.


From Hofborg

We will have a selection of IC leadership positions that will be given out ICly to those who have earned it in their RP. However, such positions have OOC expectations. Therefore we are going to define those as:

  1. Two events a month that are related to the job you are doing.
  2. Two posts a month to the appropriate Discord journal, such as the Captain's Log that shares the information the leaders need ICly; i.e. Who participated, what was the event, and what needs to be followed up on by whom.

Earning a position will take quite a few weeks. If you are interested in having such a position you may open a ticket on discord to discuss with the Player Council.

Challenges (Lore)
The traditions of Hofborg allow for the right of challenge to be given to another who holds a rank or position. A challenge of rank is a basic challenge that says "I want your job", while a challenge for cause says, "You are not doing your job and I am willing to replace you and do it myself". There are expected forms for challenges so please check the details. Read More ..

OOC Staff

Community Leader
Ysara || @BoneDecipherer (BoneDecipherer#5092)
Sheep Herders
The admin team of Hofborg who are most excellent at herding our sheep (Lara).
Lara Thorrstad || @Larawyn or Discord: Lara#9755
Ava Mutsdottir (Iris/Sel#3673)
Rokthor || @sinath41 (Rokthor#2433)
Our loremasters are responsible for approving any lore for the guild.
Rokthor || @sinath41 (Rokthor#2433)
Application Team
Lyric/Adenora || @AnakinSeth (Lyric#7228)
Ysara || @BoneDecipherer (BoneDecipherer#5092)
Player Council (and Discord Officers)
The player council is comprised of IC Leaders as well as dungeon masters.
Baene Thorrstad || @mithril52 (Bane#7639)
Volkkr Bloodmouth || (Zephyrs Prime#2413)
Lyric/Adenora || @AnakinSeth (Lyric#7228)
Malraz the Orc || @Zulvani (Malazin#8053)
Dungeon Masters (and Discord Officers)
Elsi/Llavise || @TheBobbyLlama (TheBobbyLlama#4149)

Town of Hofborg

Rokthor Shattershield || @sinath41 (Rokthor#2433)
Adenora D'alle || @AnakinSeth (Lyric#7228)
Borgmester (Mayor)
Malraz the Orc || @Zulvani (Malazin#8053) acting as steward for the afternoon timezone
Master Crafter
Captain of the Guard

Saebjorn Crew

Estred Stormscream || @BoneDecipherer (BoneDecipherer#5092)
First Mate
Ava Muttsdottir || @IrisDupree (Iris/Sel#3673)
Second Mate
Volkkr Bloodmouth || (Zephyrs Prime#2413)
Raid Leader
Ilvelin Trenlor || (Garak234#7772)
Dock Master

The Motherhouse

High Priest
Acting High Priestess
Nurndil Fjarsdottir || @LugLamfhota (LugLamfhota2758)
Skógr-Vard (Grove Father)
Hjoldhrim Bear-heart || (TheHrimBone#3666)