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Our town uses a Custom Portal Add-on which offers seamless portals between zones. Download for best access.


From Hofborg

Content creators in approximately chronological order.

For the creation of the Role-play Town Portal Add On.
For all of our early adventures in The Saebjorn and now Hofborg.
For the designs of the Borg, the Village, the Spirit Woods, The Great Hall, and the Bunkhouse, as well as much of the Fanon and many of the screenshots for each of the location pages.
For the original docks we are no longer using, and for the town history and the wonderful Nord guides
For creating some of the Fanon for the town locations.
For the expanded lore on Haafingar as well as updating the history when we moved.
For the creation of the wiki, many of the guides, guild lore, the current docks, and the temple. Locations
For the stunning designs of the temple and Kyne's Keg, the inn. Locations
Zephyrs Prime#2413
For setting up the bots in our discord server.
For our story arcs, include the Antiquarian Arc.
For our story arcs and NPCs.
For bringing our NPCs to life.
For the screen shots of the newest builds including Kyne's Keg and the Docks.

General Gratitude

Thank you to everyone for your support in the building of the town: @WyrdMolly @Ava Mutsdottir @Fridda @Ulffar @Hammer-Born and @Mithril52 for throwing money at the project. And any others who sent gold and materials directly to the builders who's names have been lost.

To Rokthor, Seli, TheGhesk and Wabbacat for all their help with advice and guidance.