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Brygg-Bottom (Lore)

From Hofborg

Brygg-Bottom is the name for the area of town that currently incorporates The Docks, the Wharf Rat, and Odd's End. This area of town is ran by The Saebjorn Crew. The back alley near Kyne's Keg leads to the Wharf Rat by way of alleyway passages through the back side of Owl Square, and is loosely considered to be part of Brygg-Bottom.

The “Brygg-Bottom” end of town, including the Docks and the Wharf Rat will facilitate darker themed RP; they should be considered ‘R Rated’ and thought of as 'Saebjorn Turf' rather than as ‘open-to-the-public’ RP spaces. Rated R themes may include fist fights, kidnappings, muggings, drugs, gambling, animal fights, smuggling, prostitutes, erotic dancing and light petting. Anything beyond this requires negotiation with individual ooc limits. Please move any ERP to consent-only-locations such as DM's or Group. 

Players with related OOC limits or who are uncomfortable with these themes/types of conflict should avoid these locations. Furthermore, Characters who have no IC business being in the shady underbelly of town should also avoid these areas; this includes members of the guard. As the Captain and the many player crew have moved to the Docks, their control over this space will be significant, expect to encounter a "mafia/gang like vibe" when in the area.

RP cannot be facilitated if the crew must stop discussions every time an untrusted outsider walks into the Wharf Rat—please be respectful of this, it is important that we share the screen and allow players who want to explore these themes to do so in a realistic way, in a designated space. Characters who ignore this should expect IC push-back from the crew. These designated areas are important for providing safe spaces for everyone to enjoy a shared story telling experience equally.


While it is our intention to allow our community to explore these topics we expect them to be handled with respect and maturity. It is our intention to handle these topics ICly until such time as we have to make OOC rules. To guide players along the following bits of information should be considered as being available to any character who asks an NPC for information.

  • Nords do not admire those who drink and can not still fight. Being drunk and disorderly will get you a night in the town's drunk tank and very possibly punishment from higher ups.
  • Other legal substances are more acceptable for casual use but the drunk and disorderly charge applies to more then just alcohol.
  • Skooma is illegal and socially unacceptable even in Brygg-Bottom. Expect to be cautioned to engage in this highly addictive habit with discretion, not only to avoid jail time, but possibly to avoid being escorted out of town -- Skooma addicts are not welcome.