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Hofborg, Docks (Location)

From Hofborg

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Brygg-Bottom is the name for the area of town that currently incorporates The Docks, the Wharf Rat, and Odd's End. This area of town is ran by The Saebjorn Crew. The back alley near Kyne's Keg leads to the Wharf Rat by way of alleyway passages through the back side of Owl Square, and is loosely considered to be part of Brygg-Bottom. Brygg-Bottom operates on an expanded ruleset, please read.

User ID: @Shadoe12

House: Fogbreak Lighthouse

Location Name: Port Hofborg

Brief Description: The once sleepy sea port of Hofborg has been a flurry of activity since the Seabjorn came to port. Trade goods and travelers pass through the port into the town on a nearly daily basis. While the locals may keep a wary eye on the steady comings and goings, they are grateful for the renewed economy such activity brings. Here, Jorm Salt-Vein patrols the Docks. His personality leaves you at ease regardless of the rumored mess that part of the town he patrols is said to be.

Cael Rigurtson can also be found on the Docks working on ship repairs and keeping the rowdy crowd in check. He is a very large man with a kind heart but don't cross him. You'll find yourself in that open cell in the basement of the Wharf Rat, eating moldy hay before you know it. Cael is rumored to be a fence, but that is, of course, only a rumor.

Max Population: 24

Points of Interest

TheDocks 2023 017.png
Quaint yet bustling, the docks are the lifeline of Hofborg. Since the crew of the Saebjorn set up shop in the town, all manner of goods come and go, and new faces are added to the workforce, bolstering the once struggling town's livelihood. Lending a hand where needed, one will find Khaon, a taller and bulkier Orc compared to the others in his company. Ask him about the story of his first ship ride.

The Wharf Rat Tavern
TheDocks 2023 015.png
Just to the left of the main dock is the shady little dive bar known as The Wharf Rat. Here, the locals that live near or work at the docks take their reprieve from the bitter chill of the Sea of Ghosts. But despite the increase in travelers and foreigners passing through for a bite to eat or flagon of brew, strangers are still regarded with apprehension and suspicion.
North Gate
TheDocks 2023 011.png
Straight ahead from stepping off the boat is the reinforced gate leading into the town proper. Once inside you can either travel to the central hub of Hofborg known as The Borg, or you can travel to the rural district of The Village.
Beacon Row Gate
TheDocks 2023 014.png
The craggy rock strewn coastline east of the main Hofborg docks referred to as Beacon Row is littered with narrow towers and defunct lighthouses. Many of them are a considerable distance apart from each other; consider taking one of the small skiffs to visit.
Horker Cove Gate
TheDocks 2023 013.png
West along the coast from Hofborg's main docks lies another set of docks at Horker Cove in need of repairs. Small homes dot the landscape perched above the cascading river falls. Many of the smaller docks and private homes lie within a short boat ride to Hofborg, while at least one or more are nearly conjoined and considered part of Hofborg's Brygg-Bottom.
The Narrows
TheDocks 2023 012.png
Across from the main dock, wedged between the rockface and warehouses, is a weather worn gate leading to a rabbit warren of narrow streets known as The Narrows. These back alleys of Brygg-Bottom are built in a style more familiar in High Rock with heavy stone and Tudor being the predominant building materials of these converted warehouses, diminutive shops, and cramped private homes, many of which haven't been used in decades.


There are a variety of ships which may be docked in Hofborg. As the town grows and gains new interest, the docks will become a busy place, as most locations are at least a few days travel by ship from our coastal home.

The Saebjorn is the Nord longship that Baene and the villagers of Thorrstad built over the course of many years. It is a ship that is larger then most, but not as large as the king's ships. The Saebjorn has 10 oars to a side with a regular crew of 40 oarsmen (two NPC oarsmen per oar). The Saebjorn has a shallow hull which houses cargo and some crew hammocks. The Saebjorn travels between 8 and 12 miles per hour.
The Baby Bear
The poorly named "Baby Bear" is a smaller long ship used mostly for shore line work. Baene inherited the 12 person long ship when he as in his late teens and it formed the basis for the business he grew up around the trade of his family sheep farm and other mercenary jobs that were taken on.
Eventually, the Baby Bear was replaced by the Saebjorn and the Baby Bear was mostly retired. In spring of this year (2022), Larsa took the Baby Bear down along the coast to complete some trade jobs as well as look for Sahja (Morde) another crew member.
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