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Saebjorn Crew (Lore)

From Hofborg

The Saebjorn Crew has been in operation for the last two or three decades under the captainship of Baene Thorrstad. The crew originally started with a small 12 oar long ship whose main use was the delivery and pick up of the goods produced at the Thorrstad sheep farm. As the crew grew in size and skill they began taking on some mercenary jobs, until the larger Saebjorn ship was finally completed. With the introduction of the larger 40 oar long ship, complete with a small cargo area and narrow crew quarters, the crew began to take on more and more challenging and complex jobs, many of which would be considered morally ambivelant.

Currently, the Saebjorn Crew operates out of Hofborg, a town along the coast, west of Solitude in Western Skyrim. The crew has its hands deep into the goings on of the town, and currently represents the largest portion of the player (and NPC) population in the town. Many of the crew additionally work in the town as crafters or guards. While the Borg itself is now under the jurisdiction of the Hofborg Thane, Brygg-Bottom which includes the docks and the Wharf Rat in the town is where the Saebjorn crew call home.


Various Ranks within Hofborg
Rank Title Area of Concern
First Captain The Captain of the Saebjorn is responsible for the crew, the jobs and the booty.
Second First Mate
Second Mate
The first and second mate are able to act for the Captain when he is not available, and are the first called to lead secondary groups. The first and second mate can hire people to the crew.
Third Quartermaster The Quartermaster is responsible for the crew logistics, salary, supplies, etc. The Quartermaster can hire crew.
Fourth Dock Master The Dock Master is a position that has a foot in both the town proper as well as Brygg-Bottom as they control the movement of ships and goods thru the docks ensuring that town goods get where they belong, as well as functioning on the take for the crew.
Fifth Crew/Reavers (Players) The mission based portion of the crew which is expected to perform a wide variety of duties.
Sixth Oarsmen (NPC) The Saebjorn is a 40 seat long ship, the oarsmen of the Saebjorn are NPC.


Saebjorn Crew
The Saebjorn pays 400 gold a week for up to 60 hours in a week, plus 3 meals with ale/mead, bed in the bunkhouse and a share of any loot. Storm-Mages receive 800 gold a week with a max of one mage per job/week -- two mages on a job earn 600 gold each.


The Saebjorn Crew is modeled after the crew of the Firefly and while the crew is perhaps morally, or even ethically flexible by even Nord standards, they are not an evil group.

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